Who’s up for pizza?

The oven is done! We had a little pizza party last week and made bread the week before. It was delicious.

The oven is an Alan Scott design. We bought the plans from the Oven Crafters website. We built it  right on the bedrock, conveniently located in our back yard. It turns out that bedrock makes a great patio! Like this:

Doesn’t it look like the oven sprung up out of the bedrock?



A couple of firsts

Dave started his first job at Java.net today!

Dave on the way to work

I made Dave stop for the standard "first day of" photo.

And, we have our first tomatoes of the 2011 gardening season.


These are Celebrity hybrids. Up next, the heirlooms!

It stopped raining long enough…

to start the wood fired oven!

setting the form

This is Mark, who works for Kevin the builder, drilling into the rock to set the form.

Kevin multitasking

This is Kevin the builder. He and Mark had to use wheelbarrows to get the concrete from the truck to the form on the rocks. Fortunately it was downhill all the way. Yes, Kevin was on the phone while he was navigating a wheelbarrow full of wet concrete down a hill.

Gary in on the action

Gary helped too! All I did was take pictures and boss people around. Somebody had to do it.