Same house, different day

On Monday they are pouring the foundation. Not much has changed this week. Today, I took this shot¬† from the southeast. The sky was an amazing blue. I’m planning on taking a picture every day, whether or not anything changes.

Same house 07102008

I picked out this tile today. Do you notice anything interesting about the color? I promise I didn’t take any dirt with me to the tile store.

It looks better in real life. I’ll get some of the oyster white, too.

more tile


This deer stand and the tree it’s in are going to have to come down. I wanted to keep the tree, but it’s been seriously damaged by the deer stand.

Here’s the only deer we’ve seen lately. Yep, it’s a lame joke, but I really like this photo.


We have footings!¬† It rained a lot last night. I went to the site today and there’s a lot of mud and I couldn’t get any good photos. All these rocks Kevin added should help.

Here’s Gary in the wine cellar on Monday:

Gary in the wine cellar