Home alone

The Men will be home alone from tomorrow until the 6th. They’ll be eating meat, watching movies, spending time with the extended family and playing golf. I’ll be meditating and being silent here. So, this will be my last post until September 6th or 7th. Do NOT get blown away by Gustav while I’m gone!

The framing is almost done. Check out the master bedroom windows. The big ones haven’t come in yet. Unfortunately,  Dos Equis does not come with the Marvin windows. We had to bring our own.

master bedroom

Here’s the living room. You can see the fireplace frame. That whole wall will be stone.

living room

And now, for more windows and doors:


And one more thing:

Have a good week!


Here’s a sample of the soapstone counter tops we’re getting, sitting on top of a sample floor tile.


And here’s the screened porch as of this morning:

screened porch


It was a busy week at the house. I had a lot of Buc-ee’s work, so I didn’t get a chance to update the blog. (I love Buc-ee’s!) It rained Wednesday and Thursday, but we still have almost all of the shingles on. I took this Friday morning.

On Saturday, the brick mason started working on the thermal mass wall that lies between the living room and the master bedroom. It’s also in basement between the two bedrooms. We will be covering the part that’s in the living room with cultured stone. In the bedrooms there will be a stucco finish. The wall is part of the passive solar thing.

concrete wall

And finally, photos from today:

Front Porch

Front Porch

Front Porch

Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

Here on some photos of The View. Don’t worry, they are Barbara Walters free.

Here is what Gary will see when he washes the dishes:

Kitchen window view

And from the screened in porch, there are still more trees to see.

Screen porch view

These windows are in the master bedroom. Really, these are different trees. I swear.

Master bedroom view

The Roof. The Roof.

The Roof is on the house. We took a lot of photos today. The weather is shockingly beautiful – much like it can be in Brazoria. In late October.

I took this from our future driveway. Those are shingles sitting on top of the roof and the pile rocks is for the garage floor.


And from the southeast corner, you can get a good view of the screened in porch.

Southeast Corner 81608

And finally, the standard view from the southwest.



Before we started building this house, this is what I thought of when I heard truss.

But now, it’s got a whole new meaning.

The was how the house looked at 8:30 this morning. There was much cool crane action. If you want to see the other 40 photos I took of the crane, just let me know. Too bad it was cloudy.

Gary took these next two this afternoon. The front (north side) of the house.

And the back. You can see the future screened in porch on the far right.