The big freeze

In case you didn’t know, 10 degrees is really too cold to traipse around the woods taking pictures. I did it anyway because I wanted to catch the morning light.

The big thaw

Snow and ice are melting everywhere, so I went down to the wet weather waterfall to see if any water was falling. It’s still pretty well frozen – there were just a few drips.

It’s 50 right now and it’s supposed to get cold again tonight, so maybe there will be a frozen waterfall here tomorrow.

This is the dry creek bed.

This is the view from our eastern property line. This bluff is on our neighbor’s property.

Ice Road Truckers

This is the driveway from the dam, going up the hill toward the house. Gary got the truck stuck on this hill this morning, but then he got it out.

This is under the snow on the driveway – solid ice. So we’ve got 3 inches of ice, covered by 4 inches of snow.

That’s my car in the background. I guess it will be there until spring. The FedEx man came this afternoon in a 4WD diesel truck with huge tires. He only came a short way down the driveway. He got stuck. It took him about 15 minutes to get out.

The driveway

The flat part. This is taken from the garage. At the end of this photo, you take a right, go down the hill, cross the dam and up another hill. That’s where the car is stuck.