Christmas Upstairs – Saturnalia Downstairs 2011

This year we had 45 guests for the annual Hoover Christmas Eve Celebration. I think they all had a pretty good time.

Mellow has no idea what is coming

It didn’t take long for Mellow to head to the bedroom closet to ride out the Christmas storm.

The kids had an ornament exchange.

I never did get a photo of everyone at once.

Dave is not texting. He's doing one of those metal puzzles.

A lot of people were out on the porch where we had a fire in the fireplace. It was too cold for me, so there aren’t any photos.

Tequila! And pickle juice? Yep, that's what they were drinking.

After a few hours of visiting and gift opening, some of the guests went down to the basement bar for something a little stronger than tea, coffee or wine.

Yes, we have a breathalizer.

We made sure all the drivers were legal. These were not the drivers.

Today’s green smoothie

was a hit, so I thought I would write  down the recipe before I forget it.

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 cup pineapple

1 ripe banana

juice of one orange

1/2 cup coconut milk (So Delicious original flavor)

2 cups red Russian kale



Hoover family Thanksgiving celebration

Yesterday, we and our 35 guests had a great time at the Hoover family Thanksgiving celebration. Gary roasted a couple of turkeys in the wood fired oven and according to the meat eaters, they were delicious.

I made the very spicy spice rub, which was what the black stuff is.

Gary and one of his birds


This is  a lot a people for the size of this porch.

Everyone likes to hang out in the kitchen – although this was one of the less crowded moments.

Who’s up for pizza?

The oven is done! We had a little pizza party last week and made bread the week before. It was delicious.

The oven is an Alan Scott design. We bought the plans from the Oven Crafters website. We built it  right on the bedrock, conveniently located in our back yard. It turns out that bedrock makes a great patio! Like this:

Doesn’t it look like the oven sprung up out of the bedrock?