Living color

Everywhere we look the colors are breathtaking. I took these during my morning walk on the north side of Hoover Hill.

Autumn on Hoover Hill



Red Red Wine

Gary pressed the 2012 Norton grapes on this beautiful first full day of fall.  If you’ve never had Norton, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It’s the official grape of  Missouri and makes a delicious dry red wine.  Come see us and give it a try! We’ll start opening the 2010 vintage soon.

Construction on the hill

We’re building a screened pavilion on Hoover Hill. It will come in handy for prepping pizzas and bread for the wood fired oven. (It will also double as a meditation hall.)

The before shot – taken on Monday. The pavilion will be 12 x 24.

They made a lot of progress today.  It’s anchored to the bedrock on the front and is on pilings in the back. It’s about 8 feet off the ground on the back side and has a tree house vibe.

Berry Time!

Today, Gary and I picked 17 pounds of blueberries at Meyer Tree and Berry Farm in Dixon, MO. Picking started last Thursday and you can pick on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Don’t worry, we left plenty of berries!

Foxy Update

Although we don’t have any photos, we’re still seeing glimpses of the foxes almost every day. The other day, one of the little ones was under the bird feeder but then was scared away by the birds.  A day after that, we spotted a pup carrying a dove in his mouth.


A family of 6 foxes is living in the brush pile, just south of the rock. This morning they came up to play on the rock and Gary got these photos from the house. Finally, the mother fox saw us moving in the house and got spooked and took them all into the woods.