Hello Walls

The forms are gone. Yea! And there’s some other stuff lying around to. I don’t know what it’s for.

I climbed up halfway up the deer stand to get a photo of the basement walls. I would have climbed all the way up, but it was too scary. Really. I’m not a big fan of heights.

Here’s another shot from the garage:

And finally from the southwest corner. There’s no wall on the south because that’s pretty much all windows.

The Pour

Despite the menacing clouds, lightening, and occasional rain, they poured the basement walls today. They used a gigantic pump truck to pump the concrete to the forms.

Here’s Kevin the Builder aiming the concrete into the pump truck:

These guys are standing on the west basement wall. The last guy on the right is running the pump truck remotely.

Category 4 Storm Headed for Freeport!!!!!

Board your windows! Buy water! Buy Spam! Panic! Gosh, I’m missing the media madness that happens whenever there’s a storm in the Gulf.

Here in flyover territory, there’s a 50% chance of rain tomorrow. And, yes, it’s the day they’re supposed to start pouring concrete. Finally.

The forms are all in place. This is what we saw at 4 this afternoon. It’s from the northeast corner of the garage.

By the way, if you ever see me buying Spam, you probably should panic. Because something will be very, very wrong.

Form Update

I drove to the property this morning. The gate was locked. I called Kevin The Builder (KTB).

KTB: “What’s going on.”

Me: “Nothing!”

As of 9:30 am, we were still waiting on forms. They had to bring them from another job. We went back out this afternoon, in the new truck, and the place is lousy with forms. It looks like a form landfill. Hopefully they’ll be more action tomorrow.

This is from the Northeast. That’s the garage where all the forms are lying around.

The Truck

I love my truck.
It’s right outside.
I ain’t got much luck,
But I sure got a ride.

It has been determined, by people who know these things, that we will need a four wheel drive vehicle to make it up our driveway in the ice and snow. These same people have also determined that we will need something to haul mulch and wood and chicken feed.

So, we bought a truck, which I don’t really love. It’s a new Ford F-150 4X4 with no extras, except air conditioning and stereo. Compared to the Camry, which I really do love, it’s a horse and buggy. As you can imagine, we got a great deal. We looked at used trucks that cost a lot more.

Here it is, with it’s primary owner:


The sign says to go right. But to get to our place, you have to turn left, drive past the Mount Olive Baptist church, and go up the hill.

No photo! No photo!

Last year we went to Rome and I’ll always remember these things about the Sistine Chapel:

  • the amazing art
  • the brilliant colors
  • the crowd
  • the Vatican security guards constantly clapping their hands twice, saying “SHHHHHHH” and then shouting “No photo! No photo!”

So, I did not take this photo of the Sistine Chapel.

I also didn’t take a photo of the property today, because nothing had changed. Except the Vatican security guards shouting “No photo” in my head.