They put up a lot of walls yesterday:

On the main floor, from left to right, are the master bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Here’s the view from the opposite corner inside:

The kitchen sink goes under the window on the left. Then the door and the next 5 windows are the living room. The master bedroom is in the far corner.

I’m back!!!!

Sorry about the delay in the updates. Last Friday I flew back to Texas for a beach weekend and to take care of a little work.  I was staying at a beach house at San Luis Pass with my dear friend Kathy and her daughter, when the cell phones started ringing – warning us about tropical storm Edouard. We left the beach house on Monday and went to Kathy’s house in Sugar Land. Fortunately, Edouard stood us up and we rode out the non-storm watching Johnny Depp movies.

While we were watching Edouard on the Weather Channel and Johnny on the DVD, there was a lot of work at the house.  Gary took this on Monday.

On Tuesday, the floor was done and the basement looked liked this.

Today, I made it home and we went to the property as soon as Gary got off work. Here’s today’s general progress from the Southwest:

Pass the Kool-Aid, please

Yesterday, Dave and I went to see Barack Obama. He came to Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla – about 20 miles from Cuba. There were 1200 people there. It was hot and crowded, but very well organized and they were passing out free water.

Obama was very relaxed and well spoken. He made a short speech and then answered questions from the audience. He was great.

I actually did take these photos, which is why they are so lousy:


In this one, you can see how crowded it was:

Christina’s new shoes

They’re pouring the floor on Tuesday, so that will be the next house photo. 

Yesterday, I went shopping with Ruth Ann (Gary’s sis) and her granddaughter, Christina. Christina’s 16, so as you can imagine, she’s the only one who bought anything interesting – these shoes.

She was so exctied about the shoes that I told her I would put a photo of them on the blog.

Christina herself is quite gorgeous. Maybe next time I’ll post a photo of the rest of her!

Work Hurk

Hurk? Hurk? What’s Hurk?
I don’t know, but it must be better than work.
– Shel Silverstein

Fortunately, Shel Silverstein (may he rest in peace) isn’t building our house. In the past two days, Kevin fixed our road, buried our electric line, filled in the rocks and dirt around the basement, and the plumber plumbed the plumbing in the foundation.

The deer stand is down and it’s tree died today. I was sad about that, but there were many wounds inflicted upon the tree by the builders of the deer stand. 

 The former deer stand

Here’s Dave in his future bedroom:


 After the tragedy of the deer stand tree, here’s a shot of part of our driveway. On the right you can make out some red stuff. That’s the underground electric wire. On the left there is a huge white oak. That tree was doomed until we decided to run the last 250 feet of electric wire underground. Then Kevin positioned the last pole where we could save the tree. Yea!!! Also the tree on the right doesn’t need trmming now, even though it has a big T on it.


And finally, a shot from the southwest, recording general progress.



Local Charm

No, this is not about the gone but not forgotten Telephone Road bar, but real Leasburg local charm.

Today, Dave and I went to Onondaga cave, at Onondaga Cave state park. (In case you haven’t been to one yet, Missouri state parks are very nice to compared to state parks in other, uh, unnamed states.)

The cave is about 6 miles due east of our property. If you come to visit, we’ll take you there. It’s a great cave. There are uncountable speleothems: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, flowstone, soda straws, lily pads, rimstone, a flowing river, and a gi-normous room. There aren’t even any claustrophobia inducing parts on the tour. It takes about an hour and you see 70% of the cave.

 Here’s a photo that I didn’t take:

Gary didn’t go with us today because he works. Somebody around here has to, I guess. I asked him what caves he went to when he was growing up.  Here’s what he said:

  • that cave down by the hog trough bridge that you have to crawl on your belly to get in – but then it’s really big.
  • the bat cave near Huzzah Creek
  • the cave near the Salvation Army camp that’s full of bats and bat guano, not to be confused with the bat cave.