Shiitake Mushrooms

There were locally grown shiitake (she-tah-key) mushrooms at the St James farmers’ market yesterday – for only $8 a pound. (They run about $15 a pound at Whole Paycheck.) The guy I bought them from explained to me how easy they are to grow here in Missouri – once you get them started.

I mainly use shiitakes in stir fry and risotto. So, I decided to look up some news recipes to try.

Instead of a recipe, I found this short clip from the Catherine Tate Show on BBC.

“Pancho met his match, you know,

On the deserts down in Mexico.

Why, you might ask, are the lyrics to Pancho and Lefty going through my head? Because, Kevin is in Mexico. Hopefully he’s not in the desert meeting his match.

However, work goes on without him. This is speaker wire, which goes to the living room, dining room, screened porch along with a couple of rocks in the back yard.

Look, there’s a fireplace on the porch!

And progress on the siding:

If you watch that video in the Pancho and Lefty link above, notice that good looking guy playing the guitar in the end. That’s Townes Van Zandt, the guy who wrote that song. He died in 1997.

The Talent

Although it may seem that way from the blog, this house isn’t buildin’ itself.  Here are the guys who are doing all the work. (I’m missing Kurt. I’ll add him when I get a good photo.)

Chris, the HVAC man, next to the gazillion dollar geothermal heat pump. (This should pay back nicely when oil hits $500 a barrel.)

Sam the carpenter, being harassed by Brian, another HVAC guy.

Jack, the carpenter.

Mike, the plumber, who was really hard to get a picture of.

Kevin, the builder


All the windows are in.

Here’s a view of the living room, from the kitchen.

I’m so glad we sold our old house, which is located right under this red dot. Stay safe everyone.

Theme Change!

Surprise! I changed the theme on the blog because I broke the other one. Let’s see how long I stick with this one. (Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be computer geeks.)

I went to the house twice today, but didn’t take any photos. They installed the big ol’ plate glass windows on the south side, so I’ll post a photo tomorrow for sure.

Since I don’t have a house photo, let’s just go for the Big O. Except this time it goes to an interesting article at

Nobody likes Ike

I’m back from the beautiful and slightly cold Pacific Northwest.  They say everything is bigger in Texas, but it’s not. It’s bigger in Washington. (The state, not the district of Columbia.) They’ve got humongous trees, snow capped mountains, 6 foot anthills and even giant slugs.

They made a lot of progress on the house while I was gone. There’s plumbing and wiring and they’ve started the siding. Today I spent 3 hours out there going over every plug, light and switch with Kevin and Jack. Here’s  a photo of the garage wall where you can see the color of the siding.

Now let’s hope Ike heads to the King Ranch. Anyway, Tina has been way better without him.